Accreditation / Phase II

The Neuroscience of WE¬ģ: Trust Changes Reality

Upcoming Phase II dates will be published in September 2024

After successfully completing the Foundations of Conversational Intelligence® Program, you’re ready for the next step: The Neuroscience of WE®: Trust Changes Reality!

In Foundations, you dove deep and began developing competency in the primary Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Essentials. You practiced in breakout groups and your ExperiMentor sessions, then applied the concepts and the tools to your own professional and personal conversations. You now have the opportunity in Phase II to deepen your learning and embodiment, expand your use of those essentials, learn new ones, and be recognized by receiving the first level of accreditation as a Conversational Intelligence Coach/Consultant.

In addition to moving to ‘mastery’ in the concepts introduced to you in Foundations, and using the TRUST model and Neuroscience of WE as key frameworks for the course, you will deepen your use of C-IQ in your work – whether as a coach, a consultant, or as a leader of teams.

You will:

  • Broaden your skills by learning and practicing additional C-IQ competencies
  • Have access to numerous tools, models, exercises, and resources that you can now use with others
  • Help others to move from unhealthy to healthy conversations
  • Develop deep knowledge of the TRUST model, and how to move yourself – and others – from I to WE
  • Learn how to create, build, and maintain relationships and trust  - as well as WE-IQ® - in complex systems.
  • Become more steeped in the applicable and latest neuroscience research that supports your work with others
  • Begin shaping and advancing engagement with clients and others that elevate the 'I' and the 'We', as well as fostering WE-IQ®.

Throughout the program we will be discussing case studies, deconstructing situations, and giving you the opportunity to apply concepts and learnings to current situations and issues and see C-IQ in action.

Because this is an accreditation, your commitment to embodying – being C-IQ – and applying the concepts in your real world is part of the expectation. We will provide you with support, ideas, best practices, resources, and practice along the way.

We will be proud to have you as part of our C-IQ family. So, harness your own neuroplasticity, and join us! It will be worth it.

Essential Learnings

  • Fully embody and build mastery in the Foundational Essentials, and expand them from the I to the WE¬†‚Ästfrom personal focus to relational application
  • Develop awareness and gain experience in the Phase II competencies, including Priming for Trust, Co-regulating, Building Conversational Agility, Words Create Worlds, and Making the Invisible Visible
  • Adeptly and intuitively use the C-IQ tools, frameworks, exercises, and rituals with self and others
  • Learn how to shift into ‚ÄėPower-with‚Äô leadership, and elevate conversations to Level III
  • Deepen understanding of how conversations change neurochemistry, and how to optimize neurochemistry to create healthy environments
  • Become comfortably adept describing essential neuroscience concepts, making them ‚Äėapproachable‚Äô to others
  • Understand the power behind interaction dynamics at each level of conversations and the influence/impact they have on Trust
  • In your work, apply C-IQ Trust methodologies¬†that form a strong foundation of safety and trust
  • Properly administer, use, and interpret the C-IQ Catalyst and TRUST Catalyst Tools; conduct diagnostics and discovery conversations with others to uncover core challenges, establish benchmarks, and anchor healthy neurochemistry within conversations


  • Orientation & Program Roadmap
  • Six 2-hour live modules
  • Six 90-minute to 2-hour small group ExperiMentor sessions


  • In-depth practice and experience with C-IQ tools and resources
  • Deeper understanding and experience with the neuroscience behind C-IQ
  • Extensive C-IQ tools, concepts, resources for use with individuals, groups, and teams
  • Training & Certification in using the C-IQ Catalyst Tool¬ģ with others
  • Training & Certification in using the TRUST Catalyst Tool¬ģ with others


  • Group mentoring with C-IQ Program Leaders in your ExperiMentor groups
  • 1 hour of personal coaching/support on Catalyst Tools with senior C-IQ consultant
  • Interactive Learning Community for peer connection, learning and sharing

Sample Schedule: 


Orientation: Welcome & Program Roadmap
March 14, 20xx - 90 minutes

Module 1: Transparency in TRUST
March 21, 20xx - 2 hours

ExperiMentor Practice Session #1
April 4, 20xx - 90 minutes

Module 2: Relationships in TRUST
April 11, 20xx - 2 hours

ExperiMentor Practice Session #2
April 18, 20xx - 90 minutes

Module 3: Understanding in TRUST
April 25, 20xx - 2 hours

ExperiMentor Practice Session #3
May 2, 20xx - 2 hours

Module 4: Shared Success for TRUST
May 9, 20xx - 2 hours

ExperiMentor Practice Session #4
May 16, 29, 20xx - 2 hours

Module 5: Truth-telling & Testing Assumptions in TRUST
May 23, 20xx - 2 hours

ExperiMentor Practice Session #5
May 30, 20xx - 2 hours

Module 6: Pulling It All Together
June 6, 20xx - 2 hours

ExperiMentor Practice Session #6
June 13, 20xx - 2 hours


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