Changing How Leaders Lead 

The CreatingWE® Institute, is an executive consulting and coaching company, founded in 1980, that focuses on working with CEOs and their teams to develop new strategies for addressing their competitive challenges in a world of moving targets.

For over three decades, we have carved out a niche that was previously not in plain sight in many consultancies - the importance of conversations in shaping corporate culture and achieving corporate goals. Today, Conversational Intelligence® is the basis of our consulting and coaching practice.

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Foundations of C-IQ Program Leaders

María Escobar-Bordyn

As president of The CreatingWE® Institute, María Escobar-Bordyn brings extensive experience advising, coaching, and consulting with executives and organizations worldwide in diverse industries and company sizes, from mid-sized to Fortune 50 and 100, as well as non-profits. A highly capable executive coach and facilitator, she is adept at understanding diverse organizational cultures and business models.  

A dynamic and high-energy facilitator and presenter, María facilitates corporate sessions, workshops and interactive keynote events, and is recognized for her ability to engage and motivate audiences quickly, helping them to ‘move the needle’.

Core to her work is Conversational Intelligence®, giving her a unique understanding of the impact of conversations as a catalyst for change and transformation, providing new and fresh approaches to enterprises who are seeking to change their culture, elevate trust, build world-class leadership teams, and foster higher levels of teamwork and partnering, even under trying circumstances.

Ute Franzen-Waschke

Ute is passionate about developing people for the international workplace. Throughout her extensive career, she has worked with her clients on co-creating environments that allow individuals, teams and businesses to thrive, be the focus on communication, relationship or corporate cultures.

Already during her ongoing certification in the inaugural Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches program, C-IQ became an integral and definitive aspect of Ute’s own approach to engagements with clients and coaches. The learning and mentorship provided by Judith E. Glaser enabled her to step into her role on the C-IQ leadership team in 2018, actively certifying coaches in Judith’s body of work.

Ute was a foundational member of the European C-IQ Collective and embraces every opportunity to promote Judith’s legacy, one example being her co-authorship of the recently published book “Changing Conversations for a Changing World”, a collection of diverse case studies on C-IQ in action.

As an active conference speaker and member of the Forbes Coach Council, Ute has published numerous articles on change initiatives and corporate culture. These articles are informed by her broad experience as multi-national executive coach and trainer across diverse industries, encompassing change management projects, customer relationship management, and leading multicultural teams.

Debra Pearce-McCall

Debra is a leader in integrating the science of mind and brain with the relational dimension of human life. As a psychologist, consultant, and “mind coach”, she delights in working with people interested in maximizing their leadership potential through developing their mind and relating skills.

Debra is known for her impact, enthusiasm, and ability to translate wisdom from the science of being human into daily life and positive change. She has expertise in numerous methods for accelerating growth and change; and her consulting work is informed by decades of experiences as an executive, business partner, board member, clinician, and educator.

Debra was a member of the Leadership Team that co-created and delivered the 2019 WBECS C-IQ Certification for Coaches. She had worked with and completed the inaugural Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches Certification program, after a decade of collegial consulting with C-IQ originator Judith E. Glaser.

In addition to speaking internationally on leadership with the brain in mind, Debra enjoys writing on the topic. Publications include co-authoring the seminal work applying interpersonal neurobiology to leadership, Mindsight at Work, as well as several articles about C-IQ, many co-written with Judith E. Glaser. Debra is currently writing a book about human well-being and the relational neuroscience of everyday leadership.


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