Accreditation in Conversational Intelligence®

The programs offered by The CreatingWE® Institute are not the same as other programs you might have attended in the past. Judith E. Glaser had a deep belief that immersive learning and application were critical to ‘living Conversational Intelligence,’ (C-IQ) whether in a virtual classroom, a business setting, or at home. Putting it into practice, in the moment, is where the impact and shifts occur. This is what we do when we work with clients, and it is how transformation occurs.

Conversational Intelligence rests on several science disciplines – neuroscience, anthropology, as well as the most recent research of leadership, communication, and human groups. As a result, our programs are steeped in research, innovation, and tangible, yet nuanced concepts. At their core, though, they are about learning, applying, and embodying C-IQ.

Foundations of Conversational Intelligence is the first phase to Accreditation in Conversational Intelligence and is focused on building awareness and C-IQ self-mastery.

Phases II and III are robust programs with the goal of continued mastery, certification in our CIQ, TRUST and DNA Catalyst Tools®, as well as advancing the use of extensive C-IQ concepts in your business, and with your clients or client organizations, with the ultimate goal of fostering WE-IQ®.

The Accreditation Steps


Standalone Program OR
Step I of Accreditation

Application to Self
Builds Awareness, Trust and Connectedness

5 modules

5 ExperiMentor sessions

Introduction to Neurochemistry

C-IQ Essential Concepts & Resources

Intro to C-IQ Catalyst Tool®

Immediately Applicable Tools & Strategies for self use




Fall dates will be announced soon. 


The Neuroscience of WE®: Trust Changes Reality

Step II of Accreditation

Application to Self & Others
Focus on Conversational Agility and applying concepts to individuals, groups & teams
Integration Mastery

6 two-hour modules

6 ExperiMentor Sessions

Neuroscience behind C- IQ

Certification in 2 Catalyst Tools: TRUST & C-IQ

Group mentoring by C-IQ Program Leaders

Extensive Tools, Concepts, Resources for use with clients and team

(Completion of Foundations Program is required.)



New dates will be posted  in September 2024.

Embodiment & Transformation

Step III of Accreditation

Application to Self, Others, Organizations
Culture Transformation
Advanced Mastery & Embodiment

Multiple modules

ExperiMentor Peer Groups

Additional Support Sessions

DNA Catalyst Tool®

Scaling Yourself & Your Business

Additional Tools, Concepts, Resources for use with others



Phase III Program coming in 2025

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