Everything Happens Through Conversations!

"Getting to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which depends on the quality of the conversations. Everything happens through conversations!" – Judith E. Glaser

Ā New Cohorts begin September 9th through November 18th, 2024!Ā 


The Foundations of Conversational IntelligenceĀ®

Foundations of Conversational Intelligence is designed for those new to Conversational Intelligence who have not attended other C-IQ courses or programs. The program introduces the essential concepts of C-IQ, focusing on its application to yourself and your everyday and business conversations. If you are a business leader or owner, corporate leader or professional, a consultant or coach - really, anyone whose work relies on conversations with others - you will find valuable and immediately useful learning in this program!

In addition to its status as a ā€˜standaloneā€™ program, the Foundations Program is Phase I of our three-phase accreditation. You'll findĀ more information on AccreditationĀ here.Ā 

Whether you are interested in just this one program, or you plan to attend our other C-IQ programs in the future, Foundations of Conversational Intelligence is considered ā€˜foundationalā€™, and will be a registration requirement for many of our future programs.Ā 

Essential Learnings:

Whether a leader, business person, consultant, coach, clinician, or educator, you will:

  • Learn key behaviors that consistently elevate conversations
  • Understand the neurochemistry behind conversations and how to influence it
  • Gain mastery in the key Conversational Essentials
  • Personally integrate and implement new strategies and essential principles that can immediately shift your conversations
  • Develop skills that enable you to engage in challenging conversations – both personally and professionally – with more ease
  • Gain insight into the neurochemical impact of your conversations with a personal C-IQ Catalyst® Tool for your self-exploration

11-Week Program:

  • Live welcome session and program roadmap
  • Five 2-hour live webinars
  • Five ExperiMentor small group practice sessions
  • Interactive Learning Community for peer connection, learning and sharing
  • Module Materials Guide and supplementary resources
  • ExperiMentor Field Guide that you will personalize
  • Personal C-IQ Catalyst Tool® Self Report
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What is Conversational Intelligence?

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) is the hardwired and learnable ability to connect, navigate, and grow – a necessity in building healthier and more resilient organizations and communities in the face of change. It begins with elevating the level of Trust that you create with others – and ends with the quality of interactions and conversations that result. There is no more powerful skill hardwired into every human being than the wisdom of conversations!

Origin of C-IQ

Judith E. Glaser's lifelong goal was to help leaders build a whole new sensitivity for the words they use and the conversations they have with others. Words either cause us to bond and trust more fully and think of others as friends and colleagues, or they cause us to break rapport and think of others as enemies. As you see the connection between language and health, your mind will open up and you will learn how to create healthy organizations through conversational rituals.

The CreatingWE Institute

For over three decades, we have carved out a niche that was previously not in plain sight in many consultancies - the importance of conversations in shaping corporate culture and achieving corporate goals. Today, Conversational Intelligence® is the framework of our consulting and coaching work.

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Your Journey Begins

Our Foundations of Conversational Intelligence program is the first step to reaching the next level of greatness in your personal and work relationships.

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